Saturday 12th April - LET GO is back on, advanced tickets available behind the bar for just £10pp. No Pool or snooker for the evening.

Snooker at Frames Sports Bar

Frames Sports Bar Snooker Hall
General Snooker TablesThe Surrey RoomThe Croydon Room

Main Snooker Hall

Surrey Room

Croydon Room

Frames Sports Bar currently holds 13 fully reclothed and recushioned snooker tables, 1 Riley aristocrat Steel Blocks and under table Heaters

Burroughs & Watts table with steel blocks and match cloth

The flag ship room at Frames Sports Bar which boasts the table used in the 2011 Snooker World Championship.

(12-5pm £5.50)
(5pm-Close £6.50)

£10.00 per hour

£12.50 per hour

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